The Hebrew Tanakh (the Christian Old Testament) Was Revealed to Men and Not Written by Men:

The Judeo-Christian God was NOT “developed” by Adam, or by Noah or by Abraham, or by Moses (or by all of them together or any other group of Hebrew authors somehow working together to innovate a new family god, or a tribal god so the ancient Jews could “have one too”).

The Judeo-Christian God is so different and distinct the other “little gods” of human invention that one needs two different words to describe the two different things: GOD and the man made “god-ettes.” The ancient Jewish name for God was YHWH (Yahweh) which means I AM WHO I AM; or I AM WHAT I AM; or simply I AM (in Hebrew, literally to be or to exist, i.e. I Exist (!) ). The Judeo-Christian God revealed Himself to the ancient Jews. And that revealed God was and is very different from all the rest of the man-like god-ettes, men had innovated and worshiped previously or continued to worship after He (the true God who is beyond and therefore transcendent of creation) was revealed. According to the authentic Biblical-Orthodox tradition, even to say that “God exists” must be qualified by the affirmation that He is so unique and so perfect and so infinite that His existence cannot be compared to any other. In this sense, God is “beyond existence” or “beyond being.”

The impossible to fully understand, “I can’t get my head around this” nature of God is, most likely the actual reason why the Hebrew Tanakh (the Old Testament) is filled with an almost endless narrative of the ancient Hebrews repeatedly disobeying God and apostasizing to worship the man-made wooden pagan “gods” of their neighbors which they actually could understand.

And, by the way, the generally “bad light” and the derogatory nature in which the Hebrew people are portrayed in the Hebrew Tanakh is one of the proofs that those writings were NOT composed and written down by the ancient Hebrew peoples themselves. If the Hebrews had written it, it would have portrayed them in a much fairer light.