Emperor Claudius A.D. 41

Emperor Claudius (A.D. 10 to A.D. 54; reign: A.D. 41 to A.D. 54):

On January 25th, A.D. 41 Claudius succeeded the emperor Caligula as the emperor of the Roman Empire. He ruled until his death which occurred on October 13th, A.D. 54. He may have died from natural causes or he may have been poisoned by his wife Agrippina the Younger in favor of her son Nero.

During his reign the Empire began the conquest of Britain and he decided to make the ruler of Judea a Procurator (That meant that the ruler of Judea now reported directly to the Senate in Rome). Judea was no longing a satellite state of Syria. See A.D. 44 for more details on both events.

Roman Emperor Claudius; ruled from A.D. 41 to A.D. 54

The Roman historian Suetonius tells us that in A.D. 49 Claudius had banished the Jews from Rome because of rioting having to do with “Chrestus”. This is understood to have been a secular reference to Christ; presumably the rancor was between the Jewish Christian sect in Rome and the other non-Christian Jews in Rome.