Roman Expansion, A.D. 47

Roman Expansion in Britain:

After the Initial Roman invasion General Vespasian (the future Roman emperor) took the II Augusta Legion westward, and he is known to have reached at least as far as modern day Exeter (on the south western coast of England).

The IX Legion Hispana fought their way north through modern day Lincoln to the mouth of the Humber River (in central eastern England). By A.D. 47 the Romans controlled southern Britain from the Humber estuary to the Severn Estuary. In Late A.D. 47 the new governor Publius Ostorius Scapula began to govern Roman Britain. He began a campaign against the tribes of modern day Wales, but found the Silures Tribe to be fierce and able fighters. The Catuvellani King Caratacus was fought at the Battle of Caer Caradoc, and his forces were defeated there and he was captured.

Roman Britain, c. A.D. 47