A.D. 6 – Iudaea Province Est.

The Roman Province of Judea (Latin: Iudaea) is Established:

Symbol of the Senate & People of Rome (SPQR)

From 4 B.C. (The date of the death of Herod the Great) until A.D. 6. The Tetrarchy of Judea (and Samaria and Idumea {including Edom which was east of the Jordan River, a.k.a. Peraea) was ruled by Herod the Great’s son — Herod Archelaus. In A.D. 6 Herod Archelaus was deposed from his rule by Augustus Caesar and he was banished to Vienne, in Gaul.

The Roman Province of Judea A.D. 6 – A.D. 44

Iudaea (Judea) came under direct imperial rule and it was made a Roman Province with its capital in the port of Caesarea Maritima (not in Jerusalem !!). By decree of the Roman Senate, Iudaea was to be ruled by a Prefect whose direct superior was Publius Sulpicius Quirinius (c. 51 B.C. to A.D. 21), the Legate (governor) of Syria (from A.D. 6 to A.D. 12). The first Prefect of Iudaea was Coponius who ruled from A.D. 6 to A.D. 9.